FAt Macy's presents - Home Cooked

After a year and a half of running a roving restaurant across London with over 100 events and supper clubs, we're looking to find a new home. Help us continue on our journey and provide work and education for young Londoners.


A New Home

After a a year and a half of success, it's time to settle down, we've identified a number of  brick and mortar sites in Peckham for a cafe and restaurant, complete with a professional working kitchen for training and events. As well as this, we'll also create a social enterprise hub with a co-working space to host events showcasing the best social enterprises in London.

In 2017, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for our new home. 

Fat Macys Home Cooked Permanent Space


Thank you for supporting us on this journey.

What We'll Deliver

  • Renovate an old building to create Fat Macy's first home - a cafe/restaurant and social enterprise hub
  • Host regular dining experiences
  • Create a community hub with discounted rates for local community groups and social enterprises
  • Work with inspiring London based social enterprises to showcase their work
  • Provide training, work experience and housing support for young Londoners in temporary accommodation
Fat Macys Menu

Biscuits Fat Macys

Why We're Doing This

Fat Macy's will bring a new, independent business to London which will support the local community, create training opportunities for young Londoners living in temporary accommodation and serve up delicious food!

Our venue will be open all day, serving coffee, breakfast and lunches to locals. We will work in partnership with a range of inspiring social enterprises to showcase their work. We'll invite ethical fashion business popups, food/drink tastings, and makers and crafters to sell and display their work. In the evening, Fat Macy's will become a bar serving small British tapas plates from our kitchen. Finally, we won’t forget our roots: supper clubs will pop up throughout the year!

All of this will allow us to continue our programme and increase our support for young Londoners escaping the cycle of homelessness. Opening a permanent venue will mean we can work full time supporting Londoners living in temporary hostel accommodation. We aim to house 12-15 trainees a year.


Keep checking back here where we'll be updating you on the progress of our first permanent home.