Antepavillion 2018

Thanks to the incredible work by the architects at Kennedy Woods, Fat Macy's is now through to the final five in a competition to turn a barge into an amazing Fat Macy's floating restaurant!

The 2018 Antepavilion Competition invited architects, artists and designers to submit proposals for a floating structure to be sited on the Regent’s canal at Hoxton Docks in Hackney, making use of a barge called the Ouse. If we win, we'll have a free restaurant barge for an entire year. 

Below you can find more details including the design boards. Follow us on Twitter and we'll keep you posted every step of the way. 

Antepavillion Submission boards-01.jpg

Kennedy Woods' statement

Our proposal is to convert the Ouse into a travelling supper-club for Fat Macy’s, a social enterprise tackling the hidden homelessness crisis. The concept is to create a nomadic, hidden space, concealed by a minimal roof form in the day, which dramatically opens each evening, capturing the attention of passers-by.

The proposal will create value in the following ways:

Purposeful: It will create real impact to people’s lives who are in need of help, while raising awareness about an important social issue.

Sustainable: An operator will maintain the structure by using it and reinvesting revenue into its upkeep so it won’t fall into disrepair.

Functional: The design creates a space to be used by people, both employees and visitors, for dinners, events and talks.

Political: It will raise awareness of the ‘hidden homeless’ crisis.

Antepavillion Submission boards-02.jpg