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Fat Macy’s trains aspiring chefs to serve up food with heart, creating a recipe that helps young Londoners make the journey from hostel to home.

Fat Macy's is a social enterprise serving delicious home cooked food and dining experiences at supper clubs, events and offices across London.

We also train and support young Londoners living in temporary accommodation and help them move into their own homes.

We began life as a venture whilst our founder, Meg Doherty, was on a placement for Year Here.

Emmanuel with a glass at Fat Macys Supper Club


Fat Macy’s exists to get young Londoners out of hostels and into their own homes.

Since 2010, there has been a 50% rise in homelessness in England. The problem we are tackling is common - in the current climate, those living in temporary accommodation find it increasingly challenging to save money to move into their own homes.

Fat Macy’s overcomes this by creating a tailored work experience programme for our trainees. We use our profits to create a housing deposit scheme for our trainee. With every event, our trainees can gain real life work experience while saving securely for their futures.

Our trainees volunteer their time at events and in return accumulate credit, which is paid into a secure deposit fund. This is held until they have saved enough for a deposit. At this point, we require a tenancy agreement and an employment contract before we pay the deposit directly to the landlord of their choice.

Diners at Fat Macy's supper clubs


In contrast to many of the existing initiatives. Fat Macy's provides a structured opportunity, with a clear and tangible incentive for its participants.

Alongside increasing personal savings, Fat Macy’s chefs are trained in vital skills for independent living: food hygiene, cooking, financial planning,  curating and running events and practical work experience through our sister charity, the Fat Macy’s Foundation.

Fat Macy's social enterprise catering


The the inspiration for our food comes from the people work with. Each of our trainee chefs brings new recipes to the table and adds their own flavours to the food we cook.

Our supper club seasons are at the heart of what we do. Designing tasty home cooked food for our friends and families is how we started. These days, our trainees cook up three course meals at pop-up venues across London. We also cater for events across the capital - bringing a touch of heart to your events.

Our supporters

We are so grateful to our inspiring supporters who have encouraged us on our journey so far.